The Sustainable Development Task Force of Snohomish County is

Asdtfnew logo non-profit corporation comprised of volunteers of professionals who provide the following services:

Education & Public Outreach – We educate builders, local government and the public through events and educational resources including quarterly newsletters and brown bag events, educational case studies and fact sheets, workshops, conferences speaking engagements, and through our traveling kiosk.

Project Advocacy – Our members meet with builders, developers and home owners who need assistance with their sustainable projects from consultation in the pre-design phase, to reviewing plans, walking the site and discussing potential sustainable techniques, to helping with permitting process.

Policy – We work with local jurisdictions to update their policies and codes to encourage the use of sustainable building practices.

SDTF focuses on five elements of sustainable building:

Site iconSustainability starts with the site.  Through thoughtful design, the environment can add value to buildings.  Building sites can enhance and protect natural environments.


Materials icon

Buildings consume 40% of the world’s resources.  Sustainable materials are less toxic, renewable or sustainably grown, salvaged, or locally produced to help preserve our resources and the environment.

Sustainable buildings and sites conserve water and manage and return water back to the environment in a natural way.

Energy iconBuildings use 60% of the energy in the U.S.  Designing for energy efficiency saves resources and money while increasing the comfort and quality of the indoor environment.


IAQ iconIndoor air quality is a health concern for all of us.  Sustainably built homes use low or no-toxic materials, provide good ventilation, and reduce the potential for mold and mildew growth.

All photography on SDTF and its subsidiaries cannot be reproduced without the expressed written consent of STDF. 

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